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Who are we:

Joreta Nikolova

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Svetlana Yancheva

Born on the 31st of October 1964 in Burgas. She has an MA degree in acting for dramatic theater from National Academy For Theater and Film Arts. She graduated from it in 1986г. in the class by prof. Nikola Ljutskanov.

In 2007, we created the production house AS ART with the idea of ​​working on our own projects, theatrical and otherwise, within our professional orbit.  There comes a time when knowledge, experience, the desire for independence, the pursuit of complete and personal responsibility, and the fatigue of compromising with other’s tastes, ideas and understandings lead you in that direction. First Valentine’s Day was born – and later Sea Landscape – as co-productions in collaboration with other people and organizations. We started casting. We started working with Zinkogra with director Emil Hristov. We saw that we could have an original and unique style, that we were appreciated, and that that we were actually helping, that we understand what we are doing, and that we do it with heart and passion, real excitement and interest. So to this day, going through different stages but with a clear direction towards improvement, we have behind us films that we are proud of.

The Colour of the Chameleon“, directed by Emil Hristov
Destruction“, directed by Petar Popzlattev
Elevator for Patients“, directed by Iglika Trifonova
18% Gray“, director Viktor Chuchkov
The Engine”, directed by Valentin Goshev
Shepherd“, directed by Milena Andonova
The Sinking of Sozopol“, directed by Kostadin Bonev
Far From the Shore“, directed by Kostadin Bonev

In collaboration
Godless“, directed by Ralitsa Petrova

We’ve also worked for several short films, as well as commercials and videos.

Photographers for the agency are Lora Musheva and Yana Lozeva.
Some of the images are provided by the people enlisted in the agency.